The Rolex replica 5513, the review of a collector's model

The passion for replica watches involves everyone indiscriminately, women and men. I have always cultivated it, since I started having a watch on my wrist. In my view, it is the only "jewel" granted to a "gentleman". It is a sentiment that resists time and the unstoppable diffusion of new technologies that are transforming the way we interact with the objects of our daily life, including the watch and its functions, putting its primary role almost into the background : that of measuring the inexorable passage of time and making it sweet through the beauty and harmony of shapes, materials, dials, hands.

The offer of watches today is boundless in terms of models and styles, all of them generally offer very good contents and qualities, but few are, in my opinion, the icons, those that retain an eternal charm and, indeed, increase it thanks to the succession of versions and variants triggered by progress (materials, finishes, functions). These watches give back to the wrist that intense and almost impalpable pleasure of wearing something unique and not, trivially, a measure of time, steps, weather.

The unique charm of the watch brand with the crown on the dial.

At the top of this category is undoubtedly the Rolex Submariner, in particular its vintage reference, the Rolex 5513.

It is a true symbol of the sports category and it is, among those I own, one of my absolute favourites. I must admit that this watch entered my collection somewhat by chance, in a period in which I did not consider the brand as my first choice, because I considered it too "obvious", also aimed at non-watchmaking enthusiasts. And then I've always preferred chronographs, aviator's watches, pilot's watches, etc. to time onlys… My wife bought this specific watch, she too is a watch enthusiast, less curious than I am about the story they hide.

In fact, I decided one day to try it while I was with her, and her spark immediately struck. This Rolex quickly became "my" 5513. Numerous variations of this historic model were produced from 1962 to 1989, when the "modern" models arrived. An article should be written about it. In this case we are talking about a fake rolex 5513 “Matte Dial, Feet First” no date, for those who love references and nomenclatures, the version produced in the period 1969-1982 and ancestor of the modern Rolex 114060. Technically simple, they struck me from the first instant wearability and comfort, such as to give me at certain moments the feeling of not having a watch on my wrist. Analyzing its design in depth, the distinctive aesthetic elements are the 40mm case with straight and tapered lugs, the 7mm crown and its rounded protections; finally the glossy black enamelled bezel.